August 19, 2022

Wyoming oil and gas conservation commission

Beneath docket 1369-2020, the Wyoming Oil and gasoline conservation commission
(wogcc) voted in prefer of lowering the contemporary quantity of conservation taxes assessed on oil and gasoline
groups to .0000 mill levy under Wyoming statute 30-five-116(b).
the reduction could be effective for six months beginning April 1, 2020, through September 30, 2020. the tax
will then return to .0005 (five/10) of a mill on October 1, 2020. the fee additionally decided that tax
paperwork may be filed electronically so that you can tune income which is a requirement under fee guidelines
ch. three sec. forty-one.

The cause of this selection is to address the financial condition’s oil and gas corporations are presently
dealing with. wogcc manager Mark Watson noted that the oil and gasoline enterprise is experiencing unprecedented times and that it is prudent to offer relief so as to useful resource in helping enterprise and employment for Wyoming citizens. he said, “decreasing the conservation tax and imparting a few reprieves are necessary steps that
the wogcc commissioners have permitted to assist in this hard commercial enterprise environment.”
Watson also mentioned that the tax is used solely to fund the wogcc’s price range and that it does now not have an
effect on the state finances.

Wyoming Oil and gasoline conservation commission

Paid through the oil and gasoline industry on the fair market coins value of all oil and fuel production and
transportation, the tax changed into integrated as well as through the Wyoming conservation act in 1959 at .0002 of a mill.
Through the years, as oil and gas prices have ebbed and flowed and the wishes of the wogcc have changed,
.0001 of a mill in 1979, 1985, and 2006. due to the fact 2016, the tax has been .0005 of a mill.

Governor mark Gordon recommended supervisor Watson and the wogcc workforce for his or her forethought with
this plan for the duration of such tough times. commissioners Goolsby, Hendricks, and Campbell echoed the
governor’s feedback.

Set up in 1951, the Wyoming Oil and gas conservation commission has overseen Wyoming’s oil and
gas enterprise for 68 years. the country business enterprise is dedicated to regulating oil and gas sports in a way
that offers appropriate environmental stewardship as well as for Wyoming residents whilst ensuring the
responsible development and management of Wyoming’s oil and gas assets. for greater records,

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