August 19, 2022

Venezuelan oil production sinks to lowest output

Venezuela heavily contingent income from oil exports — produced just 570,000 barrels of oil each day. A drop of 54,000 BPD compared to at least one month earlier in April, consistent with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries figures out Wednesday.

The OPEC official Venezuelan statistics

Venezuela’s boring peaked in 1970 at 3.7 million BPD, and even 12 years ago state company PDVSA. Once among the world’s top five oil enterprises — was producing 3.2 million BPD.

Not counting a December 2002-March 2003 oil workers strike. The present output is the lowest since 1943 when Venezuela had a population of barely four million. Compared to 30 million today.

Experts blame the assembly drop on government mismanagement, corruption. And failure over a few years to take a position in infrastructure upgrades and maintenance.

Between 2004 and 2015, Venezuelan oil exports raked in $750 billion, and therefore the country had quite $42 billion in international reserves — now right down to just $6.4 billion. Consistent with the financial institution.

Venezuela’s economy devastated

Venezuela’s economy has been devastated by six years of recession, and it’s experiencing the world’s highest rate of inflation — all before the COVID-19 pandemic even struck.

On April 24, Venezuelan crude prices plunged to $9.90 a barrel. Its lowest in 20 years, although it rebounded to $13.45 by May Day. The oil ministry has not published any figures since.

According to oil information firm S&P Global Platts, Venezuela was forced to reduce production in recent weeks thanks to storage limitations and a scarcity of sunshine oil to process its heavy crude.

Although the 2 agreed to cooperate to assist fight the novel coronavirus. They need since clashed over upcoming legislative elections, which the opposition plans to boycott.

Puente says there’s no chance of an economic bailout without. A political transition plan that might likely require Maduro to cede power.

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