August 12, 2022

The US and global energy markets

Long-term change in the US and global energy markets. gas continues to grow as a source of
lower-carbon power generation here and abroad. The wave of the latest investment in petrochemical facilities wouldn’t be possible without the growing US gas and NGL supply. Moreover, the United States is now a serious player in global LNG markets, with two facilities operational, at Sabine.

Pass and Cove Point, and 4 more thanks to beginning in 2019. this is often expected to shape global prices. Trade flows, and business models. Although uncertainty exists, the recent decision to require the final.

Investment decision (FID) on another major North American LNG project (LNG Canada in Western
Canada) may be a strong vote of confidence within the viability of the North American gas supply.
The sustainability imperative—moving from the periphery to the core.

Energy and Chemicals Companies

Energy and chemical companies aren’t newcomers to the sustainability agenda. They have
been reporting and communicating on environmental footprints, impact mitigation, and
sustainability for a few years now. However, increasing consumer awareness of environmental
and climate impacts and societal expectations are driving more and more companies to embrace
sustainability as a core a part of business strategy, instead of a distinct segment add-on activity. And it’s
not almost plans and communications. Major oil, gas, and chemical companies are making
increasingly sizable investments in companies and technologies that bring renewable as well as low-carbon energy to consumers and to scale back their own environmental and carbon footprints.

opportunities from digital technologies are getting increasingly apparent and have the potential to unlock new value. More and more companies are looking hard at the deployment of AI, analytics, robotics, and blockchain to extend efficiency, productivity as well as reliability, and predictability of operations.

However, implementation at scale can be complex within the capital-intensive oil, gas, and chemicals environment where the challenges
of legacy equipment and therefore the sizable amount of suppliers should be addressed. Refining and petrochemicals are within the vanguard of process automation for several years. But we are now seeing signs that the opposite sectors are turning their attention to digital opportunities. People who succeed might be well-equipped to thrive through. Business cycles and be aware of customer and societal expectations.

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