August 12, 2022

The consumption of white oils petrol and diesel

The growing consumption of white oils petrol and diesel (except ATF. Which remains lagging at about 24 percent of normal level). The demand for black oils and specialty products like heating oil, bitumen, pet coke, and sulfur has also shown marked improvement. Facilitating the rise of refineries throughput,” it said.

IOC said with the gradual lifting in lockdown restrictions, several downstream industries. Within the petrochemicals sector have resumed operations from late April and merchandise evacuation from refinery stocks has increased gradually.

“The crude oil throughput of IOC refineries crossed 80 percent as on date, with consumption of all petroleum products put together almost doubling. In May 2020 as compared to April 2020 levels,” the company said in a statement.

Consumption of white oils petrol and diesel

Its 8,50,000 tonnes-a-year naphtha cracker at the 15 million tonnes-Panipat refinery complex. In Haryana is now operating at full capacity, alongside downstream units for production of polypropylene (PP), high-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, and glycol. The corporate said.

The 7,00,000 tonnes-a-year PP plant at the Paradip refinery has also gone online. While the paraxylene/purified terephthalic acid at Panipat and therefore the 1,20,000 tonnes-linear alkyl benzene unit. At Koyali refinery continued to work during the lockdown.

The company will spend a scheduled Rs 26,143 crore. For the April 2020-March, 2021 financial year as work on 250 major projects has restarted.

IOC has resumed work on the Barauni refinery expansion as well as the expansion of the naphtha cracker at Panipat, and a number of other pipeline projects including one connecting the 5 million tonnes-Ennore LNG import terminal to customers.

Work has also resumed on major pipeline projects, including the Paradip-Hyderabad products pipeline; augmentation as well as of Paradip-Haldia-Durgapur LPG pipeline, and its extension to Patna and Muzaffarpur; and therefore the Ennore-Tiruvallur-Bangalore-Pondicherry-Nagapattinam-Madurai-Tuticorin R-LNG pipeline.

Pipeline laying, as well as other activities under city gas distribution, resumed in 11 geographical areas,

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