US slaps sanctions on Mexican firms, to Venezuelan oil

The US on Thursday blacklisted Mexico’s Libre Abordo and a related company. Accusing them of helping Caracas evade US sanctions within the first formal action. By the US Department of the Treasury against Mexican firms involved in trading Venezuelan oil. The Treasury said during a statement it imposed sanctions on three individuals. Eight entities and … Read more

Venezuelan oil production sinks to lowest output

Venezuela heavily contingent income from oil exports — produced just 570,000 barrels of oil each day. A drop of 54,000 BPD compared to at least one month earlier in April, consistent with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries figures out Wednesday. The OPEC official Venezuelan statistics Venezuela’s boring peaked in 1970 at 3.7 million … Read more

Chinese firms transported Venezuelan oil

Chinese oil companies may soon decline to charter any tanker that has visited Venezuela within the past year to avoid disruption to operations if the US blacklists more ships for trading with Caracas, four shipping sources told Reuters on Tuesday. The United States government is seeking to choke Venezuelan oil exports to starve. The govt … Read more

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