Sanchez Oil and Gas

Sanchez Oil & gasoline organization (“sog”) is a personal organization engaged in the management of oil and natural gasoline residences on behalf of its related companies. centered in Houston, Texas, sog’s essential areas of activity have traditionally been within the onshore gulf coast, mid-continent and rocky mountain regions. on account that 1972, sog and variously associated as well as agencies have participated in and managed the drilling of over 1,000 wells, making an investment a huge quantity of capital in good costs, seismic and acreage.
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Sanchez oil & fuel organization (“sog”) is a private company engaged within the control of oil as well as natural gas houses on behalf of its related groups. headquartered in Houston, Texas, sog’s predominant areas of interest have traditionally been inside the onshore gulf coast, mid-continent and rocky mountain areas. on the grounds that 1972, sog and diverse associated businesses have participated in and controlled the drilling of over 1,000 wells, investing a massive quantity of capital in nicely costs, seismic and acreage.

sog, had its beginnings while a. r. Sanchez, sr., a. r. Sanchez, jr. and a set of companions from Houston and Laredo. Texas drilled their first well on the Hereford ranch in Webb county, texas. a. r. It jr. has over forty years of enjoying within the oil and natural. George west, Escobar, highlands, la sal Vieja. And palmetto fields in south texas and the eagle ford shale.

Company Responsibility

At Sanchez oil & fuel employer (“sog”), we no longer only work as well as in our middle regions of operations, we stay there too. we believe our ability to function depends on as well as our popularity, such as the obligation to all our stakeholders, engaging in our operations with integrity. And operating in a value-green way that protects the protection of our personnel and the environment.

It wants strength to fuel our lives—from the automobiles. We pressure the meals we devour and the gadgets that keep us related. To each different and the world. at sog. We take the duty of growing the electricity required for our every day lives significantly. How adequately and responsibly. We expand these resources areas. If now not more essential, than what they strength.

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