August 12, 2022

Qualifications For Oil And Gas Industry

Once you’ve selected a task, you’ll apply for a structured graduate scheme offered by one among the larger employers.

For example, Shell’s graduate programme allows you to settle on technical, commercial business or corporate functions pathways. Similarly, the career areas for graduates at BP are business, engineering, science, and provide and trading.

You’ll need to possess or expect, an honest degree from a recognised university. To realize entry to a scheme. counting on which specialism you select, there could also be specific requirements in terms of your degree subject – particularly for engineering and science programmes.

Company Centrica Runs Graduate Programmes

For instance, British Gas’ parent company Centrica runs graduate programmes during a number of areas including the energy marketing and trading (EM&T) analyst role. To be eligible, you will need a numerical 2:1 degree during a relevant subject like maths, statistics, applied economics, engineering, physics or chemistry.

Some graduate schemes, like Shell’s technical pathways, demand a postgraduate qualification. look for postgraduate courses in oil and gas. Alternatively, if it’s an apprenticeship you are looking for. Consider the Oil and Gas Technical Apprentice Programme (OGTAP). During which you’ll split some time between college and a sponsoring company while earning a salary.

For this, you will need four GCSEs at Grade 6 or above in maths, English, double science (or one from physics, chemistry or an appropriate technology subject) and one other subject. You furthermore may get to be 16 years old by May of the year you’re applying for. Learn more about apprenticeships.

The global oil and gas production market is dynamic. And evolving to meet increasing demand from the world’s consumers and businesses.

The global nature of the industry means language skills are highly valued by employers, especially for business-oriented jobs. For offshore roles, you will need to travel. On industry-standard health and safety course like Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST).

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