August 15, 2022

Oil and Gas storage Challenge Within the Netherlands

For the engineering of three RG compressor trains for a carbon capture, usage and storage challenge within the Netherlands. The port of Rotterdam as well as authority. Energie Beheer Nederland b.v. (ebn) and n.v. nederlandse gas unit is at the same time growing the ‘Porthos’ (port of Rotterdam co₂ shipping hub and offshore storage) challenge. As a mission of commonplace interest (PCI).

RG Compressor System

RG compressor system for carbon seizes and garage by means of guy electricity solutions.
The compressor device for carbon seize and storage as well as with the aid of guy strength answers
Porthos is making plans to keep about 2.5 million heaps of CO2 in step with the year below the north sea. the CO2 may be captured by way of diverse groups. In the Rotterdam port vicinity – an area that accounts for over 16% of the CO2 emissions within the Netherlands.

CCUS is a stand-out era with the ability to decarbonize essential industries. We’re excited and proud to be part of the Porthos venture and to make contributions to a low-carbon destiny for Europe. This order also proves that we are gradually consolidating our technology leadership role as a company of ultra-modern co2 compression answers.”

At the cease of 2019, the porthos organization signed agreements. With a number of corporations interested by lowering their environmental footprints. By shooting their co2 emissions and feeding them into the collective porthos pipeline. With a view to run for about 30 – 33 kilometers through the Rotterdam port location.

The CO2 will then be transported to a platform. Positioned approximately 20 kilometers off the dutch coast. there, the co2 will be pumped into the exhausted p18 fuel fields. That is anticipated to have a garage ability of ~37 million tons of CO2. additionally. The Porthos device as well as permits using the captured co2 for other business programs. Which includes within greenhouse horticulture to foster quicker plant growth.


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