August 15, 2022

Oil and gas recruiters

Oil and fuel human beings are now the oil enterprise’s most popular activity web page. We’re the most effective web page recruiters can use one hundred% free of charge. Run through folks who work inside the industry oil and gas people pursuits to offer applicants a one-prevent web site for all of the industry jobs globally.

set up 6 years, oil and gas human beings get over 2 million hits every month through, Our website and big social media networks. Our current change allowing recruiters as well as to submit jobs and consider candidates. For free is a recreation changer for the industry. we want candidates to locate all of the industries stay jobs in one region.

Stay candidate database

We have the simplest life absolutely based candidate database in the sector. we don’t parse cv’s or resumes right into a single database area like a whole lot of other process boards, rather candidates take their time to construct unique profiles that have over 20 separate as well as searchable fields. to stay absolutely live on the web site applicants must update their availability every 60 days. applicants in go back can follow for jobs with one click on and advantage from entire control over while their profile is visible to recruiters.

Our in-web page candidate control machine lets in you to instantly seek, preview, display. Shortlist and favorite candidates making it feasible to view as well as candidates you’ve got located. Without delay alongside those that have carried out. You may build your own mini database of favorite candidates. Including those, you are most interested in on your submitting cupboard for quick viewing later.


On LinkedIn, we very own some of the biggest agencies at the web site. With our predominant LinkedIn group within the pinnacle 20 from over 1.5 million agencies on LinkedIn. Via our LinkedIn groups as well as we are able to ship weekly bulletins turning. In your jobs to the inbox of over 500,000 group participants.


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