August 12, 2022

Oil and Gas Colorado

Many Coloradans are feeling the economic impacts of the pandemic. To assist provide stability and support during these uncertain times. It is announcing a $37,500 donation to Habitat for Humanity of Colorado.

Founded in 1992, the Habitat for Humanity of Colorado serves many Colorado families annually by partnering to create, renovate, and repair safe, decent, and affordable homes.

“Habitat for Humanity of Colorado serves the 25 Habitat affiliates building in 45 communities across the state. With homeownership moving further and further out of reach for hard-working families, partnerships just like. The Colorado Energy Foundation’s make it possible for communities to return together and build affordably,” said Karen Kallenberg, executive. Habitat for Humanity of Colorado.

The Colorado Oil & Gas Association

“Having a roof over your head provides A level of stability that a lot of might deem granted, except for some it’s a really real concern, especially in these uncertain times. The oil and gas industry stands with Habitat for Humanity of Colorado and supports the hard-working volunteers dedicated to putting together affordable homes. Accessing to affordable as well as housing lifts up individuals, families, and Colorado communities across the state,” said Dan Haley, President, and CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association.

Director of the Colorado Energy Foundation Sara Reynolds added: “Habitat for Humanity of Colorado features a fundamental impact which will be seen throughout our communities. The work they are doing changes lives. Owning as well as a house is a catalyst, giving families greater stability. More opportunity, and an opportunity for upward mobility through long-term investment.”

To its cohort of community partners on behalf of the oil and gas industry.

Housing affordability is one of the most important issues facing Coloradans. Consider donating to Habitat for Humanity Colorado and help families as well as in need.

About the Colorado Energy Foundation

The Colorado Energy Foundation was incorporated in 2019 as a supporting organization of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association. It seeks to amplify existing philanthropic as well as efforts of the oil and gas industry. In Colorado and develop new community partnerships through strategic investment.

The Colorado Energy Foundation is supported by various community of companies and individuals within the broader oil and gas industry in Colorado.

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