Office 365 Backup, How Office 365 Removes the Stress From Business Continuity

Office 365 Backup For Microsoft Office 365 brings together enterprise-level data protection, enterprise mobility and business continuity. Veeam is a free software application that helps businesses eliminate guesswork and increase security for their information. Veeam has been designed for the sole purpose of delivering fast, easy, reliable and cost-effective data backup solutions. Veeam is widely used by corporate executives as a part of their information security planning process.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 consists of several different products including: Veeam Recovery Pro, Veeam Enterprise Manager, Veeam Workplace Organizer and Veeam PowerSuite. These software programs are designed to be easy to use by the end-user. With Veeam Recovery Pro and Veeam Enterprise Manager, a company’s employees can easily backup the data they have stored in the office within minutes.

Veeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365 can be configured to work with any Windows server that is connected to the Internet. This makes it highly compatible with any type of server and application. Veeam Recovery Pro is a complete data protection and backup utility for the complete use of Office 365. It can be configured to work with on-site or cloud storage. It also allows the user to create custom schedules to backup documents while the person is off working. With Veeam Enterprise Manager, a company can easily monitor all types of Office 365 data including mailboxes, contacts and tasks, calendars and schedules.

Veeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365 offers two options for the cloud-based backup: The first is the community version, and the second is the home version. The home community version provides a group of users with the ability to download the program on their local computers. They then use it to back up their data on the cloud. The home version of Veeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365 requires the user to be a member of the company’s existing email delivery group.

Businesses that don’t require the full feature of Office 365 backup will find that Veeam Data Protection for Outlook works well for them. This program comes with four different recovery goals which can be customized according to the business’s needs. Each goal performs a different function, but the goal with all four functions is to provide the best possible data protection. This granular approach to recovery helps to ensure that a business’s data protection will be as effective as possible for the smallest amount of money spent. For example, if a company only needs to restore documents that have been backed up in the Office data protection bucket, then the granular recovery option in Veeam Data Protection for Outlook will work well for them.

Businesses that are interested in Microsoft Office data protection can purchase Veeam Enterprise Plus which comes with three different recovery goals for the program. The first goal of Veeam Enterprise Plus recovery is designed for small to mid size companies that are only interested in the bare minimum level of backing up data. The second goal of this software is ideal for medium size and larger companies that require more functionality from their Office 365 backup program. Finally, for large or extremely large companies, Veeam Enterprise Plus provides the highest level of functionality for backing up data and for recovery.

Most of today’s providers of office 365 recovery solutions allow the business owner to choose between the cloud and onsite storage. A business must make a decision about which scenario will provide them with the most cost effective solution. Office 365 data is always more valuable on the cloud as opposed to onsite storage because of the reliability and availability of the service. Plus, the cost of running cloud applications is much less than the cost of storing the data locally.

There are many other features available with Veeam Enterprise Plus, but the one thing that this solution cannot do is to provide true full backup. While it is possible to have the service automatically back up your data to an external database, you must manually perform the backups or have a dedicated staff perform them. However, this does not take away all the conveniences that the cloud brings. Veeam backup can create auto-backups and even provide reporting on the number of backups that have been performed. Therefore, no matter what size your company, Office 365 enables you to protect yourself against disasters by automating the recovery process.

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