Modglin to Lead Texas Energy Group

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers reported that it’s hired, Jason Modglin. Because of the Austin-based organization’s new president.

“Jason Modglin is an impressive option to lead the Alliance. And that’s why our board selected him. Unanimously as we attempt to assist our members through this difficult period. And beyond,” Cye Wagner. Newly elected chair of the Alliance’s board of directors remarked during a written statement emailed to Rigzone. “His knowledge of legislative and regulatory policy is going to be invaluable as we still make. Texas the best environment for oil and gas production within the world.”

Before joining the Alliance, Modglin worked at the Texas Railroad Commission serving as public affairs director for Commissioner Christi Craddick. The organization. This represents quite 3,000 individuals and oil and gas firms, also stated that Modglin previously served as chief of staff for Texas House Energy Resources Chairman Drew Darby and as a policy analyst for Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples.

The Texas oil and gas industry

“The Alliance membership forms the backbone of the Texas oil and gas industry, bringing a dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit that fuels not just our engines but also our quality of life and economy,” commented Modglin. “I am honored to support their resiliency by joining the Alliance during this critical time and expanding our proven legislative and regulatory diary. Because of our staff, board and past leadership.”

Houston native Modglin holds a master’s degree publicly affairs from The University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor’s degree from Southwestern University, the Alliance noted.

“Existing federal regulations require that companies are under obligation. For the complete cost of plugging and abandoning wells and reclaiming. “These actions also are subject to regulation by the jurisdiction. During which the wells are located and various related topics like safe conduct of drilling operations. By industry standards and recommended practices.”

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