August 15, 2022

Maire Tecnimont Job Opportunities

Think about 8,000 highly skilled professionals operating in the oil & gas processing, petrochemicals and fertilizer industries. This is Maire Tecnimont Group. An industrial leader in Engineering & Construction, Technology & Licensing, and Energy Business Development and Ventures. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, the Group is among the top-ranking worldwide engineering contractors.

Maire Tecnimont is a multinational and multicultural Group with relevant economic results and high quality performances present in 40 countries with 50 companies.

Abu Dhabi
Czech Republic



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HR Coordinator, HRC, Rijeka, Croatia  Croatia

Customs Clearance Coordinator, FBE*, HAOR, Azerbaijan    Azerbaijan

Commissioning Supervisor, COS, 1003COS000001, Petro Rabigh, Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia

Material Assistant SmartPlant Materials/Marian Operator, MLM, Baton Rouge, USA    United States of America

Piping Assistant, PIA, HAOR, Azerbaijan     Azerbaijan

Mechanical Supervisor, MES, HAOR, Azerbaijan    Azerbaijan

Preservation Coordinator, MES*, Kstovo, Russia     Azerbaijan

Operation Shift Supervisor, KOS, Orpic, Oman    Oman

Supply Chain Manager    Netherlands

Senior Welding Engineer, NWE, Kstovo, Russia   Russia – Russian Federation

Document Controller, DOC, Baytown, USA   United States of America

Site HSE Assistant, HSA, Omsk, Russia   Russia – Russian Federation

Field Engineering Manager, Budennovsk, Russia  Russia – Russian Federation

Payroll Specialist with C&B function, Moscow, Russia    Russia – Russian Federation

As-Built Review Engineer, QAE, Omsk, Russia    Russia – Russian Federation

Mechanical Supervisor, MAS, Omsk, Russia    Russia – Russian Federation

Construction Document Control, DOC, AMUR, Russia    Russia – Russian Federation

Author Supervision Leader, FIE, Amur, Russia     Russia – Russian Federation

Electrical Assistant Engineer, ELA Omsk, Russia  Russia – Russian Federation

Insulation and Painting Supervisor, IPS, Omsk, Russia  Russia – Russian Federation

QA/QC Piping inspector, QAE, Omsk, Russia  Russia – Russian Federation

Electrical & Instrument Quantity Surveyor, QSV, Kstovo, Russia

 Russia – Russian Federation

Milemate Specialist, MMS, Kstovo, Russia  Russia – Russian Federation

NDT & Welding Inspector, NWI, AMUR, Russia

Russia – Russian Federation

HR Assistant, Moscow, Russia    Russia – Russian Federation

Operation Supervisor, KOS, Amur, Russia Russia – Russian Federation

Permit to Work Manager, CPW, Amur, Russia  Russia – Russian Federation

Mechanical QAQC Inspector, QAE, HAOR, Azerbaijan  Russia – Russian Federation

Mechanical Supervisor – Rotating Equipment, MAS, HAOR, Azerbaijan

Russia – Russian Federation

Subcontracts Administration Engineer Supervisor(E&I), SAE, HAOR, Azerbaijan   Russia – Russian Federation

Insulation and Painting Quality Inspector, QAE, HAOR, Azerbaijan

Russia – Russian Federation

Electrical Supervisor, ELS, HAOR, Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan

Welding and NDT Inspector, NWI, HAOR, Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan

Operation and Maintenance Manager, COM, Amur, Russia  Russia – Russian Federation

Commissioning Chemical Specialist, CLP, Amur, Russia   Russia – Russian Federation

Commissioning Machinery Supervisor, CMS, Amur, Russia  Russia – Russian Federation

Site Marian Operator, MLM, Baytown, USA   Russia – Russian Federation

Document Control Manager, DOC, Baytown, USA    United States of America

Procurement Manager, IPO, Houston, Texas   United States of America

Cost Control Engineer, SCC, Baytown Texas   United States of America

Site Planner, SPL, Batangas, Philippines     Philippines

Mechanical Supervisor, MES, Batangas, Philippines   Philippines

Electrical Supervisor, ELS, Batangas, Philippines  Philippines

Construction Quality Assurance Representative, QAM, Baytown, USA

United States of America

Civil and Structural Steel Field Engineer, FIE, Baytown, USA

United States of America

Communication Manager   Russia – Russian Federation

Architectural Engineer    Russia – Russian Federation

Permitting and Standards Engineer, Moscow, Russia   Russia – Russian Federation


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