Jack Up Drilling Jobs @ Caspian Drilling

Drilling Company is looking for candidates to work on Jack Up drilling rig in multinational team, offshore Caspian Sea:

  1. Senior Toolpusher (Expat position)
  2. Tourpusher (Local/ Expat)
  3. Driller (Local/ Expat)
  4. Mechanical / Maintenance Supervisor (Expat position)
  5. Assistant barge Engineer (Local/ Expat)
  6. Deck Foreman (local/Expat)
  7. Crane Operator (Local position)
  8. Assistant Crane Operator (Local position)
  9. Assistant driller (Local position)
  10. Derrickman (Local position)
  11. Assistant Derrickman (local position)
  12. Roughneck (Local position)
  13. Senior Electrician (Local /Expat)
  14. Senior Mechanic (Local / Expat)
  15. Mechanic (Local position)
  16. Motorman (Local position)
  17. Roustabout (Local position)

For all senior positions, Jack Up experience is a must.

Suitable candidates please email your updated resumes to: info@caspiandrilling.com for further consideration.





Jack Up Drilling Jobs @ Caspian Drilling
Jack Up Drilling Jobs @ Caspian Drilling
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