Energy Efficiency In Oil and Gas Industry

Maintaining peace and stability within the Arabian Gulf is critical to global energy supplies and markets. The UAE and therefore the US are united in security. And therefore the UAE may be a leading coalition partner within the campaign against ISIS.

A Critical Partner in Regional Security

The UAE is devoted to aggressively challenging extremism in partnership. With the US and other coalition countries both on and off the battlefield. Within the campaign against ISIS and other violent extremists. Our air forces are functioning as one force. There is 3,000 American military personnel within the UAE and more United States Navy ships visit the port of Jebel Ali in Dubai than the other foreign port. UAE and US pilots fly joint missions against a standard threat. We’ve many other joint initiatives that include isolating funding to ISIS. Intelligence sharing and counter-extremism programs to attack the roots of radicalization.

Due largely to the good distance that results in high transportation costs. We import minimal quantities of oil and gas from the UAE. Instead, the UAE exports approximately 62 percent of its petroleum to Japan. Making it the UAE’s largest customer. Other Asian economies. Which enjoy equivalent as well as geographic proximity, consume the overwhelming majority of the UAE’s remaining production.

Among others as well as energy efficiency and environmental projects. Dubai has developed the region’s most extensive light rail system, maneuver cars off the road, reduce pollution and ease traffic jams.

In December 2009, a US-UAE bilateral agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation went into effect, enhancing international standards of nuclear as well as non-proliferation, safety and security. mentioned as a “123 Agreement,” the pact establishes a required legal framework for commerce in civilian nuclear energy technology between the two countries. By US officials across administrations and nonproliferation experts for its commitment to safety, security, and operational transparency.


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