Drilling and Well Services Jobs In Iraq

PPB is shortlisting candidates for the below opening for one of our clients in Iraq, interested candidates please contact Yubo.li@PPBosun.com for details.

P.S. Russian speaking is preferred.

1. 0 Drilling Activities
1.1 Drilling Supervisor (day)
1.2 Drilling Supervisor (night)
1.3 Drilling Engineer
1.4 Geology Engineer
1.5. Cementing Supervisor
1.6. Drilling Fluid Supervisor
1.7. Drilling Logistic Supervisor

2. 0 Workover Activities
2.1 WO and Completion Supervisor (day)
2.2 WO and Completion Supervisor (night)
2.3 Workover Engineer
2.4 Completion Engineer
2.5 Rigless and Stimulation Engineer
2.6 WO Logistic Supervisor

3.0 Geological and Logging Activities
3.1 Geology Supervisor
3.2 Well Logging Supervisor


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