August 19, 2022

Deployment Solution In Response To COVID-19

Acoustic records have developed a faraway deployment model. For its sonic gauge wi-fi monitoring system to overcome travel restrictions referring to COVID-19. The solution enables operators to self-deploy their real-time wireless downhole monitoring machine. Without requiring expert engineers onsite.

With an awful lot of the industry’s body of workers grounded. Acoustic information is providing a complete operational guide in actual-time. From its united kingdom headquarters. Alongside online training videos. Operators as well as will now be capable of installing the pre-packaged and pre-programmed era in trendy properly installations. From underground gasoline garage through to production and monitoring wells.

Long The Lockdown

Matthew Norgate as well as coo of acoustic data, said: “for how long. The lockdown will as well as retain is uncertain; but, we can expect prolonged regulations on employee deployment – particularly for offshore and remote places – and a power to limit operational expenditure for the foreseeable future. in this surroundings, optimizing asset overall performance utilizing downhole properly statistics is extra vital than ever, so we have advanced this deployment model for each the sonic gauge and barracuda hex-hanger to give operators a price-powerful statistics answer in this era of restrained mobility. this methodology is a testimony to the portability and simplicity of the era.”

The sonic gauge presents easy, real-time facts acquisition and reporting as an alternative to cabled everlasting downhole gauges and sporadic memory gauge surveys. the acoustic telemetry system enables engineers to behavior actual-time as well as reservoir assessment in the underground garage, production, injection, and fracking wells. the generation’s primary advantage is that it can be quickly and safely retrofitted via slackline in present wells with acoustic data’s patented barracuda hex-hanger, an excessive growth gauge hanger machine.

Our clients are searching for methods to lessen the fee of set up, to decrease personnel at website, and to lessen operational threat – this answer achieves all of this while providing immediate opex financial savings. moreover, the era itself provides better reliability over the lifetime of the well. we’ve got deployed this generation extra than one hundred instances around the globe and are sharing that know-how and knowledge to help customers navigate this challenging time,” provides Norgate.

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