August 15, 2022

Core Responsibilities – The Transforming Forensics (TF) programme

The Transforming Forensics (TF) programme aims to vary how biometric (fingerprint, DNA, etc.) and digital forensics is delivered within the UK. The Digital Forensics Solution Architect will lead within the discovery, design and assurance of Digital Forensics on the shared as well as service platform to enable this alteration they’re going to account for the constraints of a various brownfield environment of legacy technology within enforcement .

The DF Solution Architect are going as well as to be a part of the TF Design Team who are liable for the business and technical strategy, architecture, and assurance. most significantly the planning Team analyse and choose what new business and technical services will provide users with the foremost value. this needs all work to be administered together with police and forensic service business and technical stakeholders.

The software architecture must leave operational and technical constraints – from security and regulatory compliance to any necessary local and national integrations. it’s essential that the DF Solution Architect can lead discovery of the key challenges and constraints, also as come up with technical solutions. Actual delivery of solutions are going to as well as be provided by procured development teams, onto a contemporary platform, with few constraints. Therefore the DF Solution Architect also will need to ensure development complies with core design principles.

The core activities of the role

Support the planning and delivery of the new cloud-based platform for shared digital forensic services across forces; which will provide services and apps as well as for Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) and forensic bureau staff.
Assess solutions and capabilities from suppliers and/or as a part of a purchase process.
Assure the implementation of microservices, including security-in-depth; good interface design (ideally using GraphQL).
The DF Solution Architect are going to be liable for supporting as well as the Technical Design Authority in:

Development and validation of the technical approach and supporting models.
Alignment and /or integration of external systems to suit the national networked solution.
Design of feasibility studies to mitigate technical risk and evaluate the art of the possible.

Capture and Update the MOOD model of the planning
Run architecture sessions with cohort technologists to socialize and validate designs.
Review 3rd party developers software for quality as well as compliance
Run rapid technical feasibility studies, using agile methods.
Research and assess of supplier technology and options during any procurement(s).
Manage the implementation of solutions, including liaison with force IT, suppliers, etc.
Support the identification of technical and/or programme risks.
Any other duties that are commensurate with the role.
Qualifications, Experience, and Skills

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