August 12, 2022

Colorado Outdoor Recreation And Activities

Outdoor recreation and activities are treasured by Coloradans and tourists alike. The provisions needed to take care of our outdoor recreational spaces, trails. Habitats don’t stop during economic downturns or global pandemics. Which why the Colorado Energy Foundation, supported by Colorado’s oil and gas industry. It is announcing a $37,500 donation to help the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado organization.

Since 1984, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) has worked with conservation and land agencies, and thousands of volunteers annually. To supply a workforce for outdoor stewardship projects across Colorado. From city parks and open spaces to grasslands and foothills to alpine meadows and peaks.

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

“Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado motivates and enables people. To become active stewards of Colorado’s natural resources through hands-on volunteer and training programs. VOC believes everyone features a place in caring for Colorado and is proud to partner with the Colorado Energy Foundation to accomplish even more for the state’s parks, trails, and open spaces,” said Ann Baker Easley, executive, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado.

Outdoor enthusiasts, and committed stewards of our land who cherish our access to a number of the foremost beautiful hiking trails, parks, and campgrounds within the country. By supporting Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado through these uncertain times, we eagerly anticipate resuming these conservation efforts, and therefore the opportunity for all Coloradans to enjoy and utilize our state’s natural wonders,” said Dan Haley, President, and CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association.

Sara Reynolds, Director of the Colorado Energy Foundation added: “Protecting and maintaining our great outdoors could be one among the foremost ‘Colorado’ traits related to those that live and work here.

VOC staff and volunteers still feel the impacts related to the economic downturn caused by this global pandemic. Consider a one-time or recurring donation here.

About the Colorado Energy Foundation

The Colorado Energy Foundation was incorporated in 2019 as a supporting organization of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association. The Colorado Energy Foundation seeks as well as to amplify existing philanthropic efforts of the oil and gas industry in Colorado and develop new community partnerships through strategic investment.

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