A Downstream Oil Facility –

Workers undertaking activities in offshore installations are exempt from new self-isolation requirements. For UK arrivals, which are thanks to kicking in on June 8.

Under the new rules anyone entering the united kingdom. Bar a couple of exceptions, are going to be required. To hold out 14 days of self-isolation. In England or potential as well as prosecution and unlimited fine. the govt outlined. The devolved administrations will began their own enforcement approaches.

In addition to offshore workers, also exempt from the new self-isolation rules are those undertaking activities. In upstream petroleum infrastructure. Critical safety as well as work on offshore installations and wells that are being decommissioned. Or reuse or activities for the supply of workers, goods, materials? Equipment or within the provision of other essential services required to support the safe operation of activities.

A Downstream Oil Facility

A person engaged in operational, maintenance, or safety activities of a downstream oil facility. That features a capacity in more than 20,000 tons doesn’t need to self-isolate either.

An inventory of exemptions. The govt on as well as an equivalent day. As the planet begins to emerge from what we hope is that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. We must look to the longer term and protect the British public by reducing as well as the danger of cases crossing our border,” Patel said during a government statement on Friday.

“We are introducing these new measures now to stay as well as the transmission. Rate down and stop a devastating second wave,” Patel added.

I fully expect the bulk of individuals as well as will do the proper thing and abide by these measures. But we’ll take enforcement action against the minority of individuals who endanger the security of others,” the house secretary continued. Consistent with the newest information from the planet Health Organization (WHO).

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